Logo Design


Logo Design for DANA 

(Denver Area Nanny Association)

DANA is a local network of nannys. Their old logo was a black and white image of Mary Poppins. One of the members of the group wanted a more colorful and non-gendered logo. My focus was to make the logo professional, have a Denver feel, and to be gender neutral. I gave them two options to use for the stickers they wanted to hand out and/or for various social media applications. 

Logo & Card Design for Tempus Forge

Tempus Forge is a software startup in Denver. The branding we came up for the company was to think of themselves as modern code artisans. Precise, perfect, professional, fresh, clean, fast….those were the words that guided me when I created this logo. I gave them several different versions of the gear to use as design elements in future marketing material and for their web site.

Logo For Jennifer Hill

I love designing cards and logos for small businesses. This is for a local tutor; she wanted to incorporate an oak tree into her design. I liked the idea of showing the growth of her students/clients in a literal sense. 

150 Year Anniversary For Boulder County Fair

Summer 2019 was the Boulder County Fair’s 150th anniversary and they wanted a unique logo for the occasion. I used the horse from their previous logo to maintain brand recognition. I chose the color palette and fonts to give a summer all-American historic feel to the design.

Logo design for Margaret Watts-Romney

Margaret is a local speaking coach who needed a refreshed logo and updated branding. Part of her process working with clients is to take a ton of notes while the client speaks freely about themselves, the topic they’ll be speaking about, or their profession (she helps people and companies fine-tune pitches). After she reviews all the notes she helps her clients come up with very specific sentences and exact wording to capture their passions and professions. I designed her logo to have a hand-drawn look to it–almost like it was drawn with a sharpie to reflect her process.

The color palette was chosen because deep blues resonated with her and her work as well as reds. Margaret also wanted a balanced feminine/masculine feel to the logo. I added the off white and gray to add an elegant/feminine feel. I gave her several different color combination of the logos to use for various applications.

Business card design for Lee Corley

Fun little project for Lee from Corley Metalworks who needed a card for their handy work gigs. I decided not to create a logo logo for them because of the personal nature of this kind of work. People hire a handy person based on a referral, or they already know and trust them…people aren’t necessarily sold on the “concept” of this kind of work.

Overly branding a person’s a trade or skill can backfire and look forced or exaggerated. The person and the work will speak for themselves…so the design should stay out the way of that process as much as possible.

I’m often a fan of just using a person’s name and title for a sole proprietorship vs coming up with a name for the business. Ultimately the marketing/sales efforts for a small one person shop boil down to personal connections. I wanted the card to be a reflection of Lee the highly capable handy queer minus a slick sales pitch.

I almost always create two sided cards. The front is the “BAM. This is who I am” side, and the back gives the reader the details they need to know. Listing the skills Lee specializes in also gives the reader ideas of all the things that need fixing.
Lee can be reached at handyqueerlee@gmail.com

Logo for Sound Well Music Therapy

Logo for Sacred Wind Photography

This was for a local photographer who’s primary focus is pictures of land, houses, and commercial real-estate that will be used for listing the properties. I used the mountains, buildings, and houses to give it a colorado feel and to illustrate the three factions of his business.

Logo for a 40 Year Wedding Anniversary Party

This logo is for a 40 year wedding anniversary party. The couple wanted to create a logo to put on various items for their guests’ gift bags. Both of them wanted the logo to have a mountain/ski feel and be romantic without being too corny.

We agreed I would keep their names off of the design–because as charming as “Sunny & Phil MARRIED 40 YEARS!!!!” is …they wanted their guests to use and enjoy the backpacks and water bottles they were having made. Skiing has been a central part of their 40 year relationship, and the party is in Vail, so my design process focused on those two elements first. Part of the party includes a gondola ride to the top of Vail Mountain which inspired me to create the logo to loosely resemble a ski pass.

Logo for the Prospect Community Garden

The Prospect Garden Society wanted a logo representing the community garden. This will be used for T-shirts and put on the invitation to the annual garden party.

Dream-Weaver Healing Arts Logo


Dream-Weaver Healing Arts is owned/operated by a person named Stevie Weaver. Stevie wanted a logo that incorporated holistic basil, the moon, and a spider web–all of which had personal meaning to their yoga, herbalism, and reiki practice.

Steve also sells various kinds of teas, bath salts, and tinctures–all of which can be a different blend from one client to the next. The product labels needed to be versatile and be able to be used on any item. We came up the solution of two different product stickers and a small folded card to attach to any one of the packaged products. One sticker with just the logo (to be used on larger items like a package of tea). And one smaller sticker to be used on samples and small tincture bottles.  This tincture sticker has a place Stevie could handwrite the specific tincture on the label. The folded card can be used for multiple applications; it can describe the product,  give instructions, or be a small thank you card for the client.

This approach of leaving writing space on one of the stickers and the card allowed them to keep printing costs down and have flexibility to adapt to an amorphous product line. It also added a personal homeopathic feel to have a hand written note.

Longs Peak Mobility Logo


Longs Peak Mobility is a local practice that uses a process called fascia integration. The practitioner uses their feet as a tool to apply pressure to various parts of your body to release the fascia and muscle tension to relieve pain. Part of the challenge of this logo and business card was to communicate a new and unfamiliar method of treating pain without getting too verbose.

Because it is such a new technique in the world of body work I decided that it was critical to communicate not just that Longs Peak Mobility treats pain and loss of mobility–but to list some specific conditions so the target audience could have a better picture of what they do.


Timmy EverLes Logo


Timmy is a local activist who needed a calling card to reflect her various titles (she’s part of three different organizations). I created a two sided card to have enough space to list all of the different organizations she’s part of. She requested a dragonfly for her personal logo.



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