Fun little project for Lee from Corley Metalworks who needed a card for their handy work gigs. I decided not to create a logo logo for them because of the personal nature of this kind of work. People hire a handy person based on a referral, or they already know and trust them…people aren’t necessarily sold on the “concept” of this kind of work.

Overly branding a person’s trade or skill can backfire and look forced and exaggerated. The person and the work will speak for themselves…so the design should stay out the way of that process as much as possible.

I’m often a fan of just using a person’s name and title for a sole proprietorship vs coming up with a name for the business. Ultimately the marketing/sales efforts for a small one person shop boil down to personal connections. I wanted the card to be a reflection of Lee the highly capable handy queer minus a slick sales pitch.

I almost always create two sided cards. The front is the “BAM. This is who I am” side, and the back gives the reader the details they need to know.  Listing the skills Lee specializes in also gives the reader ideas of all the things that need fixing.
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