Wild Plum Center

Wild Plum wanted something that used their brand colors but was more fun and festive than the other marketing collateral we’ve designed. 

Boulder County Fair

I was excited to get this project. The previous year’s poster had been cluttered and hard to read. I needed to use the fair’s logo and colors, but other than that, I had a lot of freedom to design what I wanted. My focus was to foster interest in the fair vs educating people on what the fair is all about. Everyone knows what the fair is…I wanted to remind the reader how fun it is. The word cloud was to mirror the nature of the fair–lots of sights, novelties, and fun activities all happening at once. Because the fair is very much a part of local community I incorporated the flatirons to create an instant recognition of Boulder County.

Fight Poster

This was a fun project for a local fighter and friend of mine. I wanted a break from the cluttered “tough guy with flames in the background” feel that a lot of fight posters have. Gerrity writes and illustrates a comic for fun so I thought it would be true to personality to have a subtle comic book / super hero tone to the poster.

The tricky part of this project was working with two different styles of photos–one taken by me and one taken by the opponents photographer. Having a glamour shot was out of the question for my fighter (Gerrity) and I’m not adapt at taking action shots. Luckily I came up with a good close-up that captured her personality. I then adapted both photos to fit the illustrated look I was going for.


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