In addition to creating the Paperfish Designs website I also created BConnected Colorado (as well as the logo and the thumbnail logo). BConnected Colorado is intended to be a tool for a Denver based Bisexual Meetup that I run as well as for the larger LGBTQ community. I wanted a place where several calendars are merged into one so it’s easy to see what’s happening in the area VS trying to sift through all the noise on Facebook to find the groups and events that are of interest. It’s also a resource for people who have recently come out as Bi and need some questions answered.

I wanted the logo to incorporate the Bi colors (blue, pink, and purple) as well as the Colorado and Pride flags–as well as represent how we’re all working towards more inclusion and visibility. I was pleased with what I came up with and will continue to add to this site. Still to come is a business listing of local Queers who own small businesses.


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